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Reader feedback: English more of a threat

Re: STV halts ad for Hungarian weekly, By Lukáš Fila, August 11 - 17, Vol 9, No 30

All this furore over language is quite simply beyond me. Slovakia has a sizeable population of people whose first

language happens not to be Slovak. To advertise their paper in any language other than their own would be a bit

silly, wouldn't it?

I could almost understand if Matica Slovenská were to protest against the English adverts broadcast by this very

newspaper, in that it could be argued that English at present is far more of a cultural threat to Slovakia than any

of the languages spoken by people who were born and brought up in the Slovak Republic. It would suggest to me

that Matica Slovenska has a little bit of a grudge against Slovak linguistic minorities.

I truly hope that people can get over this utterly unimportant issue and address some of Slovakia's more pressing


Scott Lafferty,

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