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When Harry Met Lloyd: Dumb and Dumberer (Blbý a ešte blbší: Ako sa stretli) - Comedy by

Troy Miller. The prequel to Dumb and Dumber sees the return of two of Hollywood's premiere goofballs. This

time around, Harry and Lloyd are in their formative high school years, when they band together with a group of

slow learning students to try and crack "the big show," otherwise known as mainstream high school.

Below (Hlbočina) - Sci-fi/Horror by David Twohy. Set in 1943, the crew of an American

submarine rescues survivors of a British hospital ship. One of the survivors, a nurse (Olivia Williams), raises

tensions among the all-male crew, and the commanding officer (Bruce Greenwood) must do his best to keep

them in line, as a series of spooky events start to occur.

Femme Fatale - Thriller by Brian De Palma. A perfect beauty, Laure Ash (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos)

plays a crucial role in a jewel theft. She later goes straight, turning into a respectable married woman, and

captures the attention of ex-paparazzo (Antonio Banderas), whose camera reveals her past.

Top stories

Journalist Monika Tódová

Charges brought against two Denník N journalists

The criminal complaint was submitted by ex-journalist-turned-spy Peter Tóth.

1 h
Peter Sagan

Slovak cyclist Sagan wins Around Slovakia

He triumphed despite failing to win any of the five stages.

2 h
The owners of premises should decide on entrance conditions for customers.

Unvaccinated people face extensive restrictions in several districts

Only four districts will enjoy less strict rules from Monday.

2 h
InoBat battery

Tests show InoBat Auto batteries beat the competition in range and durability

The Slovak company is already working on a new generation of batteries.

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