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Giant sunflower
Melon-eating marathon
Biting off less than he can chew
Candlelit toilet goes up in flames
New cycle route opened
Crumbling kindergarten
Activist caught drug-driving

Giant sunflower

THE GIANT sunflower was a surprise for the Vincúr family.
photo: TASR

A FOUR-METRE-TALL sunflower decorates the garden of Amália and František Vincúr from the village of

Čereňany near Nitra in western Slovakia.
The giant sunflower is also special because unlike regular

sunflowers, it has dozens of flowers making the plant look more like a tall sunflower bush.
The family says

that they never planted a sunflower seed and it is therefore believed that the wind must have blown it into their

potato field.

Melon-eating marathon

INHABITANTS and visitors in Turzovka in northern Slovakia have set the first-ever record in a watermelon-

eating relay.
A total of 1,003 participants ate 67 red melons weighing 274 kilograms in just under 12 hours,

said Igor Svítok from the Slovak Records organisation.
According to Svítok the Turzovka melon relay was

the first of its kind in the world.

Biting off less than he can chew

STRONGMAN Martin Božík, 26, from the western town of Trnava beat his personal best by lifting 130

kilograms with his teeth at a football stadium in the central Slovak town of Brezno on August 14.

before his performance the wannabe Guiness book recorder said: "I hope nothing will happen to me and that my

teeth and my neck remain unhurt."
"My goal is to lift 300 kilos with my teeth," he added.

Candlelit toilet goes up in flames

TWO flats burned down after a nine-year-old left a candle alight in a toilet.
The daily Pravda reported that

the young boy lit the candle because the power had been disconnected after his parents failed to pay the bill.

After leaving the toilet, the boy forgot about the candle and a large fire started eventually damaging two

flats and causing damage of an estimated Sk1 million (€24,000).

New cycle route opened

A NEW cycling route was opened near the eastern town to Košice to the joy of hundreds of local sports fans.

The 40-kilometre-long route known as the Hornád, named after the local river, starts off in the Košice

suburb of Krásna nad Hornádom and continues to Skároš village close to the Hungarian border before looping

back to Košice.
It is planned that the new route will in the future be connected with the Hungarian side of

the border.
Štefan Szabó from Košice's Sosna Civic Association said: "I think that the opening of a border

crossing would be profitable for the development of tourism in both border areas. It would also enable us to

connect the Hornád route with existing routes our neighbours have built."

Dolná Maríková
Crumbling kindergarten

WITH NO money for repairs, pupils in a kindergarten in Dolná Maríková will continue to face constant danger

in a building that is threatening to crumble any minute with a large crack on one outside wall.

mayor Marián Lokšík told the daily Nový čas that his village could not afford the Sk500,000 (€12,000) needed

for the repairs.
"The whole wall needs to be pulled down and a new one needs to be built. The roof must

also be fixed," Lokšík said.
Lokšík has already asked the Education Ministry for special funds so that he is

able to address the critical situation. The ministry has refused to help.
According to the ministry's

spokeswoman, Michaela Dobošová, there was no extra money to spend on similar requests.
"Currently the

money from the maintenance [budget] must [go to] covering energy costs," she said.

Activist caught drug-driving

HEAD of activist group People Against Racism Ladislav Ďurkovič was involved in a car accident between

Bratislava and Stupava in which four people were injured on August 18.
Tests carried out on the

campaigner following the accident showed traces of marihuana and hashish in his urine, private TV Markíza

Initially, Ďurkovič claimed that he had not taken any drugs, but later he told Markíza that, prior to

the accident, he had been in an environment where drugs were being taken and that his friends had played a trick

on him by making him eat a cake containing marihuana.

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