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Slovak wine wins contest
Honking in a friend's ear
Beer on the road
Bats flap in flat
Drunk driver kills two women
Shooting at people for fun
Interior Minister's son attacked
NATO ID in stolen car
Newlyweds die in car accident
Fruit war claims another victim
Domestic beer most popular

Slovak wine wins contest

ARIESLING wine from the western Slovak village of Modra won a prestigious international wine contest in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
The Rhine Riesling (Rizling rýnsky) wine from the 2002 harvest won the dry white wines category, beating strong competitors from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Austria.
The victory has returned Slovak wine to among the world leaders after more than a century. A Gutédl wine from Modra won a similar prize in 1898 in London in a similar contest.
Roman Janoušek, 37, who produced the champion wine, admitted it was his passion and said he sensed that last year's harvest would create a "future leader" in wine contests.
The award has immediately rocketed the price of the champion wine with a half litre of the drink now expected to be sold for about Sk2,000 (€50) - comparable to the price of quality French wines available in Slovak wine shops.

Bánovce nad Bebravou
Honking in a friend's ear

A MAN who wanted to play a joke on his sleeping friend by honking a horn in his ear may be jailed for two years after nearly deafening his friend.
The incident took place in late June. The 36-year-old man approached his 25-year-old friend, who was asleep on a football pitch in Rybany village near Bánovce nad Bebravou, and honked the horn into his sleeping friend's ear.
The victim suffered trauma and continues to have hearing problems. His initial treatment took more than six weeks.

Senec, Spišský Štvrtok
Beer on the road

IN TWO SEPARATE car accidents, trucks loaded with beer bottles flooded the road with hundreds of litres of beer.
On August 21, the side of a truck carrying beer broke open and part of its load spilled out onto the road.
In another incident, a second brewery lorry turned onto its side near Spišský Štvrtok in eastern Slovakia after another car pushed the truck to the side of the road while trying to overtake it.
Hundreds of bottles of non-alcoholic beer fell out of the truck. Slovak daily Nový čas reported that some passers-by gladly volunteered to help collect the bottles, taking sips in the process.
The truck driver said to the daily: "If it had not been non-alcoholic beer, they would have stolen all of it."

Bats flap in flat

A MAN could not believe what he was seeing as he discovered 39 bats that had most likely spent a night in his flat.
The Slovak daily SME reported on August 22 that a married couple from the eastern Slovak town of Košice woke up as usual one morning only to hear strange sounds coming from the next room.
Her husband, not named, said to the daily: "My wife woke me up and said that she heard strange sounds coming from one of our rooms. She thought it was as if something had been bouncing against the wall, and we thought it was some bird."
But they were not birds.
"I counted 39 bats. We started to phone various institutions for help, but only the zoo and fire department were willing to help us," the man said.
It is believed that the bats flew into the flat through an open window. Even after the firefighters retrieved most of the bats, the husband found five more hidden in various parts of the room, with some of them inside a paper box.
The firefighters said they could not remember a similar case, although only recently reports came from the same city that one man discovered 15 bats flying around in his flat during the night. No one was hurt in either of the incidents.
Fireman Juraj Hornák said: "In 26 years in the job I have never seen anything like this."

Drunk driver kills two women

DRUNK driver kills two after smashing into a Bratislava pub.
photo: SME - Pavol Majer

TWO YOUNG women died in a tragic accident after a drunk driver ran his ran onto the sidewalk, hitting the victims.
The accident took place on the evening of August 24 as the two women and a man were leaving a restaurant in Bratislava's Dlhé Diely district.
The man, 30, suffered serious injuries and was immediately hospitalised.
According to Boris Ažaltovič, Interior Ministry spokesman, the driver failed to adjust to the conditions on the road and was drunk. Police measured 0.56 parts per million of alcohol in his blood shortly after the accident.
The driver, not named, may be sentenced to up to five years in jail.

Shooting at people for fun

THREE teenagers were shooting at passers-by with an air rifle from the sixth floor of an apartment block, hitting one man in the chest and another in his backside.
Bratislava police said that they have apprehended Ladislav, Andrej, and Juraj, 15, 16, and 17 years old respectively, for the shooting. The rifle belonged to Juraj's father.

Interior Minister's son attacked

VLADIMÍR Palko, the son of the country's interior minister, got into a brawl over a taxi and received a hard blow in the face from his attacker.
Local police in Poprad confirmed that they were dealing with the case and are searching for the unknown attacker.
The incident took place in front of Poprad's Surprise disco club on August 16 in the early morning hours. Palko, 22, and his 33-year-old friend called a taxi, but when it arrived, another man wanted to get in the car.
Following a verbal fight, the unidentified man hit Palko in the face, got into the taxi and left.

NATO ID in stolen car

POLICE are searching for a stolen car that belongs to Slovakia's army attaché in Brussels.
According to Mária Faltániová, spokeswoman for the Banská Bystrica regional police headquarters, the dark blue Volkswagen Passat with Belgian license plates was stolen on August 20 in Zvolen.
The car belonged to the 51-year-old attaché, Vladimír P., and was parked in front of his house in Zvolen when the theft took place.
Inside the car was an entry pass that allows access to the NATO buildings in Brussels.

Newlyweds die in car accident

IN A TRAGIC accident, a newly wed couple died in their burning car just one day after they got married.
According to the SITA news agency, 22-year-old Csaba and his new wife, 21-year-old Júlia, died in their car in the early morning hours of August 24, just after they gave a lift to some of their wedding party guests.
According to Natália Hattalová, spokeswoman with the Interior Ministry, the accident took place near the village of Štúrová in the Komárno district. The car suddenly ran into the opposite lane and then hit a concrete pole by the side of the road.
The car caught fire, and the couple were unable to escape the vehicle.

Spišská nová ves
Fruit war claims another victim

A YOUNG woman from the village of Závadka found herself in hospital after trying to protect pears she was growing in her garden.
"It happened at half past eight on Thursday evening," Mária Zgurová (22) told Nový čas, "I spotted children from the local [Roma] settlement who were picking our pears. I went up to them and told them not to. Then two young women from the settlement appeared. One of them jumped at my mother and I tried to protect her; then both of them let loose at us. They pulled at my hair and scratched my eyes and started to savagely kick me. Several times they hit me in the stomach. They were still threatening that they would kill me when the police arrived."
Spišská nová ves hospital reported that the woman was in a stable condition, although they were concerned that she might have internal injuries. Police are investigating the incident.
The occurrence is just one of many this summer involving attempted theft from fields and gardens.

Domestic beer most popular

PRESIDENT Schuster, like the rest of the Slovak nation, enjoys local brews.
photo: TASR

BEERS produced in Slovakia are the most popular in the country, a survey has revealed. The study also showed that every eighth respondent drank seven or more beers per week.
The survey, carried out by the GFK polling agency, showed that the best-known local beer brands were Zlatý Bažant, Corgon, and Šariš.
Men are generally more informed on beer issues. The survey also proved that men enjoy beer much more than women. Nearly 73 percent of male respondents said they liked beer, as opposed to only 30 percent of women.
As much as 73 percent of respondents said they drank beer at least occasionally. Slovaks rank eighth in the world for volume of beer consumption.
Statistics showed that last year, 94 litres of beer were drunk in Slovakia per person. Czechs lead the global chart with beer consumption at 160 litres per person.

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