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Spectator on facebook

Reader feedback: Pope's visit may be profitable

Re: Controversy sets tone for Papal visit, By Beata Balogová and Martina Pisárová, Sept. 8-14, Vol 9, No 34

It is small minded in the extreme to dwell on the cost of the visit. The "controversy" is a deliberate attempt by those with a particular agenda to cast a shadow on the trip. The media has all too willingly picked up the theme.

On a purely commercial basis, this visit is worth millions to Slovakia in terms of free publicity - the Pope's arrival and the huge open air mass in Bratislava will be featured on every news station around the globe. Catholic TV station EWTN is planning to televise the visit, live, for some 50 million viewers. No price tag could be put on the exposure your country will receive this weekend...

Dr. Andrew O'Connell,

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