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Reader feedback: Tourism may provide hope

Re: Eastern region suffers depopulation, By Zuzana Habšudová, Sept. 15-24, Vol 9, No 35

It is a shame to see this happening right before our eyes, and it seems that there is nothing [that can be done] to stop it. Doesn't the government know that this is happening? I'm sure that they do. They must do something quickly before it is too late for the people there.

It looks like their only real hope is if the government promotes tourism. That way, at least the people there could benefit directly with the help of younger entrepreneurs, who could teach, and guide them in the industry.

I'm sure that the initial monetary outlay would be returned tenfold, if only the people there would be given a chance to make it successful.

The people [of the Ulič region] are honest, hard working, and willing to work, but there is nothing to give them hope for the future.

What a waste [it would be] if the Slovak leaders don't come to their aid. A wonderful land and its people will be lost forever.

Vince Stankay,
Florida, USA

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