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Corruption scandal shakes university

A UNIVERSITY is facing a corruption scandal in which it is alleged that during entry math tests, some teachers calculated scores in favour of certain applicants

Two other teachers who corrected the tests informed the police of their suspicion that the tests were manipulated and they also sent a note to the Attorney General's Office.

The manipulation is suspected to have taken place at the Faculty of Social and Economic Relations in western Slovakia's Alexander Dubček University in Trenčín, and it is believed that similar practices have been taking place in the institution for several years.

One of the school's retired teachers, Ivan Sadloň, said to the Národná Obroda daily that the manipulation has taken place under direct order by the head of the faculty's math department.

He said: "She told us that it was in the interest of the [faculty's] leadership that tests of certain students are corrected so that they could be accepted [to university]."

The suspected department head refused to comment on the allegations.

Police said they were making progress in checking thousands of similar tests, with experts expected to determine to what extent such manipulation took place in the institution.

The university's rector, Juraj Wagner, said, however, that such allegations were damaging the good name of his university and that until the investigation is completed, he would not react to the case.

One of the teachers who informed police of the alleged manipulation was Dušan Holý. He said that prior to checking the tests, the department's chairwoman always told teachers the numerical codes of tests that should be corrected to pass.

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