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Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (Pravá blondínka 2) - Comedy by Charles Herman-Wurmfeld. Favourite blonde (Reese Witherspoon), returns as brainy bombshell Elle Woods.

Having conquered Harvard, Elle is now a rising young lawyer, balancing her career with preparations for her wedding to the man of her dreams.

Everything goes well until she stands up for the rights of her beloved dog Bruiser.

Kill Bill- Action/Adventure by Quentin Tarantino.

In this martial arts movie, Uma Thurman plays a woman whose boss (David Carradine) shot her in the head on

photo: Continental Film

her wedding day and who has fallen into a coma.

When she finally wakes up four years later, she is determined to kill her former boss and his deadly squad of international assassins, played by Lucy Liu, Daryl Hannah, Vivica A. Fox and Michael Madsen.

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Bad Boys II - Action/Comedy by Michael Bay. Miami narcotics detectives, or "bad boys" (Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett), uncover a deadly conspiracy involving a ruthless drug lord, who is determined to

photo: Itafilm

expand his empire and take control of the city's narcotics trade, killing anyone who stands in his way.

To make matters worse, Marcus' sister Syd, an undercover Drug Enforcement Administration agent, gets caught in the crossfire, and it's up to the two "heroes" to rescue her.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Liga výnimočných) - Action/Adventure by Stephen Norrington.

photo: Tatrafilm

Sean Connery stars as Allan Quartermain, the world's greatest adventurer, who leads a league of superheroes - cartoon characters, such as Captain Nemo, Tom Sawyer, vampire Mina Harker, and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde.

The league members are weird individualists with chequered pasts.

They are gifted with special powers, and destined to save civilization. The movie was filmed during the 2002 floods in Prague.

Extreme Ops (Hladina adrenalínu) - Action/Thriller by Christian Duguay.

photo: Continental Film

A small crew films a TV commercial of sport enthusiasts who are measuring their skills by running away from avalanches in the Austrian Alps, near the former Yugoslavia.

But the real life-or-death chase through the mountains starts after they accidentally film the face of a wanted Serbian war criminal.

The Quiet American (Tichý Američan) - Drama/Thriller by Phillip Noyce.

Set in Saigon, Vietnam in 1952, during the French Indochina war, the movie tells the story of a middle-aged British reporter, Thomas Fowler (Michael Caine).

photo: SPI International

He works in Vietnam covering politics and lives with a beautiful woman.

He truly loves her but cannot marry her, because he is already married to a Catholic woman in London who does not believe in divorce. Also starring Brendan Fraser.

The Italian Job (Lúpež po taliansky) - Action/Thriller by F. Gary Gray. Inspired by the 1969 Michael Caine film of the same name.

A gang of highly professional robbers escapes a heavily guarded palazzo in Venice with a car full of gold.

photo: Tatrafilm

However, a double-crosser (Edward Norton) steals the loot and causes the death of one of his colleagues.

The team's mastermind (Mark Wahlberg) is ready for revenge.

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