Reader feedback: Voters, are you taking notes?

Re: Corrupt bureaucrat behind bars, News Briefs, September 29 - October 5,2003, Volume 9, Number 37

Slovaks should remember those politicians who say they are against immunity for members of parliament and then vote the opposite. Then next time they are up for reelection, vote them out. It seems that there should be some higher authority that could expose those voting for immunity. Those exposed would have to either change their vote or somehow be censured, and have to answer for their decisions. I'm sure that is easier said than done. One just has to look at some of the politicians in my country [the USA] to see that that sort of monkey business goes on often.

Unfortunately, the average citizen quickly forgets a lot of the things politicians do, and therefore often goes out to vote for them again. Everyone should have a pen and pad handy when they watch and read the news, and keep notes on some of these jokers (politicians) and their stand on issues during their term. Plus, the news sources should keep corrupt politicians in line by reporting the truth to the people. Then a citizen could make an informed vote for the best person at election time.

It's not an ironclad system, but it would put politicians who are at least a little less dishonest in government. That is where the people of free nations have the most power: their vote.

Vince Stankay,

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