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Todd concerned about Slovakia's image

EVENTS such as discussion of "the group" that, according to PM Mikuláš Dzurinda, works against the state and his Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (SDKÚ), and the recent recalls of the defence minister and the head of the National Security Office (NBÚ) have "resulted in certain changes in Slovakia's image" said the British ambassador to Slovakia, Ric Todd.

Dzurinda said in late August that an unspecified group was working to profit from state tenders and to win influence in political circles.

The PM never identified the alleged members of the group, but opposition MP Robert Kaliňák cited recalled NBÚ head Jan Mojžiš as one of its seven alleged members.

The recent developments, Todd said, have caused doubts among foreign investors, who are now more cautious about placing their money in Slovakia.

Todd said he explained to them that "there was no reason to change their attitude."

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