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Presidential elections set for April 2004

SPEAKER of parliament Pavol Hrušovský said the first round of the presidential elections in Slovakia has been set for April 3 next year.

Provided that no candidate wins more than 50 percent of voter support in the first round, the second round will take place two weeks later with the two highest scoring candidates.

President Rudolf Schuster has not confirmed his candidacy yet, but several politicians have already launched their presidential campaigns.

Eduard Kukan, the country's foreign minister, Christian Democrat (KDH) František Mikloško, liberal New Citizen's Alliance (ANO) member Ľubo Roman, and non parliamentary Movement for Democracy party leader Ivan Gašparovič have confirmed their candidacies. Other possible candidates include ex-PM Vladimír Mečiar and the former Slovak ambassador to Washington, Martin Bútora.

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