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Matej Bel University to sue the education minister

Education Minister Martin Fronc maintains that the Matej Bel University
(UMB) in Banska Bystrica has violated the law. UMB rector, Milan Murgaš warned the minister that if he did not apologise, the university would sue him.

Fronc accused the UMB's Law School of illegally charging external students an enrolment fee, news wire SITA reported.

The Education Ministry's information suggests that 22 schools at eight universities have been illegally collecting tuition fees from external students. The ministry has started inspecting the schools.

Fronc has already asked the academic community to withdraw the right to enrol external students from the Matej Bel University's Law School.

The NBU rector claims that no UMB faculty has received fees from students for external study courses. He said that the students were paying to an education agency, which was transferring money to UMB, but this was not breaching of the law.

External university education was made free of charge in mid February 2002.
Slovak universities thus lost a significant source of income.

Compiled by Martina Pisárová from press reports
The Slovak Spectator cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information presented in its Flash News postings.

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