OS to fly to Paris from Bratislava

AUSTRIAN national air transporter Austrian Airlines (OS) will carry out direct flights from Bratislava starting from 2004.

AI's director, Vang Sorensen, recently told the Wirtschafts Blatt daily that his company would, starting next year, operate two planes from Bratislava with a planned destination of Paris. This comes simultaneously with the building of a plant in Trnava by the French carmaker PSA Peugeot Citroen.

Slovak Airlines (SLL) is also planning to strengthen connections to western Europe and is expected to launch a direct line to Brussels in a few days.

According to the Slovak daily SME, more air operators are expected to move their planes to Bratislava after the completion of the Austrian highway strip to the Slovak borders. Bratislava's advantageous position, only 50 km from Vienna, and the high fees that Vienna's Schwechat airport charge to the operators are cited as the biggest reasons for the move.

The Slovak cabinet wants to sell the Bratislava airport.

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