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Coalition fails to elect deputy speaker

THE RULING coalition repeatedly failed to elect New Citizen's Alliance (ANO) member Ľubomír Lintner to the vacant deputy speaker seat.

In a repeated vote that took place on October 30, only 63 MPs of the needed 76 supported Lintner for the post.

The ballot was secret and came one day after the unsuccessful first vote on Lintner on October 29, when 60 MPs supported the official.

Lintner failed despite the heads of ruling parties pledging to secure support for him.

ANO will try to push through Lintner once again, but Lintner does not insist on being elected to the post. He also gave up his position as head of ANO's parliamentary caucus.

ANO boss Pavol Rusko told journalists that his party received a slap in the face from its ruling colleagues but that ANO was not going to take any dramatic measures against them.

He added, however, that if the parliament were to elect an opposition candidate for the post, it would be the end of the coalition. The opposition Smer is considering nominating its candidate for the position.

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