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Reader feedback: It's hard to fight corruption alone

Re: Founding firms in Slovakia very slow, Business Briefs, Oct 20 - 26, Vol. 9, No. 40

I refuse to pay bribes, and it took me over 12 months to form a company in Slovakia! What make this worse is that I am a Slovak person, not a foreigner.

I employed almost 20 Slovak people and have had to cut down to two full timers and one part timer because I refuse to pay bribes and to bend to incompetence. Refusal to bend to this evil has cost us over Sk3 million (€71,000), no small amount of money wherever you live. I worry about the poorer people who cannot afford to pay doctors to get proper health care; not everyone has the opportunities that some of us who venture abroad may have.

The EU will give me a way to run coach and horses through this corruption when it rears its ugly head after May 1, 2003. Believe me, after these dates, do not be surprised when you see me in the headlines. I am not part of the problem. I am trying to do something for a country that I love dearly and that I want my 7-month-old son and many other children to grow up in and be proud of.

My husband is my rock. He supports me and cares about doing the right thing, not about the money. Ours are maybe small voices lost in the wilderness, but none of us needs to be a millionaire or a politician to be a good person and live life in a good way.

Adriana O'Donnell,

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