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TV show: Average Slovak IQ is 113

A MAJOR TV show called The Test of the Nation, broadcast by the private TV Joj on November 1, showed that the average IQ of Slovaks, including those who participated in the show via internet or mobile phone text messaging, is 113.

The result makes Slovakia a nation of above average intelligence.

Of the several teams and individuals who participated in the test in the TV studio, policeman Juraj Daniel scored the most points - 137, which makes the officer a person of above average intelligence. His team of policeman also won the whole team competition in the studio - scoring 126 points.

Competing teams included Slovak celebrities, blonde girls, bureaucrats, teachers, students, and twins.

Participants had to answer 81 questions from areas such as math, technical thinking, logic, memory, and language. The local Mensa club prepared the questions.

A 61-year-old man from Topoľčany, named only Slavomír, who took part in the test via the internet, scored the highest IQ of all participants - 151.

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