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Best designs awarded and displayed

THE SLOVAK Design Centre, in cooperation with the Culture Ministry, awarded the National Prizes for Design 2003 to the best industrial products - the results of cooperation between designer and manufacturer - on October 29.

The sixth year of this biannual competition was announced in two categories: industrial and graphic design. Altogether, the 11-member jury awarded four prizes and eight mentions. In total, 59 works entered the competition.

The four National Prizes for Design 2003 went to the wireless communicator Gotive H41, designed by Peter Olah and Ivan Gavenda, and produced by Gotive, Corp.; to a special set for outdoor sports - Liquidice, designed by Erika Pussová, Jana Prokopová, and Martin Šuchaň, and produced by Trek Sport, Ltd.; to the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava 2003 corporate design by Vladislav Rostoka for BIBIANA culture house; and to an interactive data projection, Attempts to Her Life, designed by Ján Šicko, Jr, for Prague's M. U. T. Theatre. The jury also selected works for the exhibition Best Works from the National Prize for Design 2003, running at the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava until November 30.

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