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Ex-transport min officials face charges

THE FORMER transport minister for the ruling Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (SDKÚ), Jozef Macejko, will most likely face corruption charges along with Peter Kľučka, the former head of the minister's office, and former Deputy Minister Michal Balogh.

The officials are suspected of interfering with a tender for 35 light trains by pushing for the French firm Alstom, although the Swiss Slovak DMU GTW consortium, composed of ZOS Vrutky and the Swiss firm Stadler, won the tender.

The affair broke out in June 2002. Macejko was recalled from his post shortly after a letter sent by then SDKÚ member Peter Kresánek to PM Mikuláš Dzurinda, in which Kresánek wrote that it did not make a difference for SDKÚ whether the French or the Swiss won the tender, became public.

Then acting Transport Minister Ivan Mikloš abolished the tender in September 2002.

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