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Spectator on facebook

Reader feedback: Bill simplifies elections for the rich

Re: ANO blocks new election law, Flash news, Nov 10 - 17, Vol 9, No 43

The proposed election bill requires a deposit of two million crowns (€48,600) from any party that intends to run, as opposed to the present requirement of collecting 10,000 signatures of support. This change kills off the democratic right of people to choose from as wide an array of alternative [parties] as possible.

Not to mention other sections of the bill that are tailor-made for the rich, like removing the limit on campaign finance and setting fees for access to publicly owned media.

Yet all that the New Citizen's Alliance (ANO) can see that is wrong with the bill is the number of constituencies! Can there be a better proof that politics in Slovakia has once again become a "lordly pastime" (panske huncutstvo)?


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