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Five new investors show interest in SE

FIVE new investors have expressed interest in buying a 49 percent stake in Slovakia's dominant power producer, Slovenské elektrárne (SE), in a reopened tender. The number of potential bidders has now climbed to ten, news wire SITA reported.

The new bidders include Czech utility CEZ and Russian RAO Unified Energy System, as well as the US firm AES and two Slovak bidders: Savas from Žilina and the mining company Hornonitrianske Bane. The five old bidders who have repeatedly expressed interest in the tender are Verbund from Austria, the German firm E.ON, the Italian firm Enel, Electrabel from Belgium, and International Power from Great Britain.

Economy Minister Pavol Rusko said that more than one of the potential bidders is interested in buying SE in its entirety, including its nuclear power plants. The potential investors must submit preliminary bids by December 5. Rusko says that the shortlist might be released in February or March 2004.

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