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Reader feedback: Highways highly important

Re: Highways are roads to prosperity, By Marta Ďurianová, Nov 18 - 23, Vol, 9, No 44

Thanks for a well-researched and informative article on a subject of vital concern to any future economic growth in the depressed regions in Slovakia's east. It is obvious to anyone who has spent much time on the roads in eastern Slovakia that they are the largest handicap to growth in the very area that needs it most. One can hope that when Slovakia enters the EU, the union will provide more infrastructural money for this vital purpose. 175 kilometres of road, just for the longest cross-country stretch, is a lot to complete. The key to Slovakia's future prosperity obviously lies in continued and increasing economic development, so it seems logical to focus priorities on the handicap of highway infrastructure. It makes no sense to wait for economic development to arrive and provide the tax revenues to improve the infrastructure when it is that very infrastructure that keeps economic development away.

Don Merritt,

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