UNITED By Colours is an exhibition of two contemporary painters, Slovak Alexej Vojtášek and Austrian Kurt Freundlinger, currently running at the Danubiana Museum. Altogether, the artists display around 50 paintings of abstract art. Vojtášekşs works include graphic paintings and interior sculptures that are mainly abstract with figural motifs. Freundlinger, who studied graphics in Vienna, shows his expressionist work. The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 until March 5, 2004 at the Danubiana Museum on Vodné dielo Čunovo (Čunovo dam). Admission is Sk60. For more information call 02/6252-8501.
photo: Courtesy of Danubiana

LIVE MUSIC: Honza Nedvěd - Czech folk legend sings together with five-member Poklad band.
Starts: Dec 13 at 19:30. Tickets: Sk190 and Sk300. Istropolis, Trnavské mýto 1. Tel: 02/5022-8248.

LIVE MUSIC: Bratislava Hot Serenaders - Jazz band plays music of 1920s and 1930s.
Starts: Dec 14 at 19:00. Tickets: Sk100. Spoločenský dom Nivy (Nivy Social House), Súťažná 18. Tel: 02/5596-0861.

CLASSICAL CONCERT: Graduation Concert - Violin and piano players perform music by Antonio Vivaldi, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Starts: Dec 10 at 18:00. Admission: free. Pálffyho letného sídlo (Pálffy Summer House), Zámocká 48. Tel: 02/5443-2336

EXHIBITION: Ivan Štěpán - Modern objects by Slovak artist based on the art of the 1960s.
Open: Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00 until January 11, 2004. Admission: Sk50. Pálffy Palace, Panská 19. Tel: 02/5443-3627.


WITH Christmas coming up, municipalities all around the country are beginning to organise events full of music, dance, and entertainment. The western town of Malacky, in the Bratislava region, has been holding such events each Sunday since the start of Advent. On this coming Sunday, December 14, the organizers have prepared an open-air Christmas Concert taking place at Malackyşs Small Square. Marcela Laiferová will perform evergreen songs starting at 17:00, followed by the Cantilena choir from Senica. The following Sunday will belong to ensembles and choirs, such as the Tiramusu gospel group. For more information call 034/7966-111.
photo: Stanislav Osuský

LIVE MUSIC: Charity Concert - Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Listening with the Heart Foundation, including a show of Chinese Wu-Shu martial arts.
Starts: Dec 9 at 18:00. Tickets: Sk70. Kultúrne a metodické centrum Ozbrojených síl (Military Force Cultural and Methodical Centre), Hviezdoslavova 16, Trenčín. Tel: 032/7433-505.

LIVE MUSIC: Folk Recital - Actor Marián Geišberg plays guitar.
Starts: Dec 9 at 19:00. Tickets: Sk80. Divadlo Jána Palárika (Ján Palárik Theatre), Trojičné nám. 2, Trnava. Tel: 033/5511-125.

LIVE MUSIC: Rock Christmas - Concert by the Bublifook rock band.
Starts: Dec 10 at 18:00. Tickets: Sk30. Kultúrny dom (Culture House), Námestie slobody 10, Skalica. Tel: 034/6649-267.

LIVE MUSIC: Folk Bojnice - Sixth annual folk event with performances by Czech and Slovak folk singers and bands.
Starts: Dec 13 at 17:00. Tickets: Sk120, Sk150. Kultúrne centrum (Culture Centre), Hurbanovo nám. 19/4, Bojnice. Tel: 046/5430-980.

EXHIBITION: Collection from Missionary Activities - Exhibits and objects, such as weapons, brought by Slovak missionaries from African countries and Indonesia.
Open: Tue-Sun 9:00-17:00 until December 31. Admission: free. Misionársky dom (Missionary House), Kalvária 3, Nitra. Tel: 037/7722-183.


LIVE MUSIC: Horkýže Slíže - Concert by the Slovak rock band, as part of their Alibaba Tour 2003 to introduce their new Alibaba and the 40 Songs album.
Starts: Dec 11 at 19:30. Tickets: Sk120, Sk150. Dom kultúry (Culture House), Námestie slobody 3, Banská Bystrica. Tel: 048/4143-754.

EXHIBITION: Julo Považan - Naive-art paintings are on display.
Open: Tue, Thu 14:00-17:00 until December 31. Admission: free. Dom kultúry (Culture House), Nám. Matice slovenskej, Žiar nad Hronom. Tel: 045/6738-252.


LIVE MUSIC: Christmas Concert - Slovak country-music band Pohoda performs.
Starts: Dec 10 at 19:00. Tickets: Sk50. Ges club, Laca Novomeského 13, Košice. Tel: 055/7299-211.

Prepared by Kristína Havasová

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