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British MPs visit Slovak Roma

THREE members of the British House of Commons - Paul Stichcombe, Alan Sealy, and Andrew George - are visiting Slovakia to get to know the life of the Slovak Roma, private news agency SITA reported on December 9.

The MPs visited several Roma settlements in the eastern Slovak region of Prešov.

In the town of Sabinov, the MPs met Mayor Peter Molčan and discussed the planned Roma social housing project.

In several districts of the Kežmarok area, the Roma community complained of racial segregation in their villages, where they claim to not be connected to supplies of drinking water, electricity, and sewage systems.

The MPs planned to participate in a round-table discussion in Prešov on December 10 addressing the status of the Roma minority in the region and to attend another seminar the next day in the Dunajská Lužná village.

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