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Reader feedback: Sharing Slovak traditions

Re: Delicious Christmas treats, By Nataša Kosútová and Zuzana Habšudová, December 15-21, Vol 9, No 48

Here in Pitsburgh, PA, USA we continue to have the traditional Slovak Christmas Eve dinner. We have learned the lessons of how to make the foods that my grandparents and family brought from Slovakia in the 1920s. We have and also sell the oplátky at our church, and by holding the Štedrý Večer [Christmas Eve] dinner at our parish for the last ten years, we have been teaching the people of the Pittsburgh area about the customs of the meal. As a child, I went from house to house on Christmas Eve wishing each family a healthy and prosperous year. This year we treated our guests at the dinner with a special treat from [the Slovak town of] Modra: a cross that had the parish name on it. They were special, just as the dinner was. Remember - we in Pittsburgh will not forget our customs and heritage.

Paul J Zatek,
Pittsburgh, USA

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