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Reader feedback: Environment essential

Re: Environment does not come cheap, By Beata Balogová, Dec 1-7, Vol 9 No 46

It is noteworthy that Slovakia's accession to the EU is a major motivating factor for environmental improvement within the country. As stated, these improvements will "not come cheap", but it is hoped that the support of the EU will make the transition easier.

Here in the UK a strong anti-Europe feeling prevails in some areas but, within the environmental field, the opposite could be said to be true. The EU has driven through directives leading to UK legislation in a wide variety of areas - from water quality to Environmental Impact Assessment - thus pushing the UK's performance in environmental protection.

The same is likely to be true of Slovakia in coming years. Though this might hurt financially and perhaps not be at the top of the domestic political agenda, remember that the same is true here in the UK. This highlights the fact that independent action to solve international environmental problems is futile, and that strong intergovernmental cooperation and support is essential for securing a cleaner, more certain future in the face of pressing issues of environmental damage.

Laura Helm,
Imperial College, University of London

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