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LIVE MUSIC: Gabriel - Concert by a Slovak pianist, Gabriel, playing Christmas songs as well as any other songs visitors might wish.
Starts: Dec 23 and Dec 30 at 19:00. Admission: free. Café Studio Club, Laurinská. Tel: 02/5443-4974.

LIVE MUSIC: New Year's Concert - Art Beat music school performs with their guest Anička Repková and the Zmena mena band.
Starts: Jan 9 at 18:00. Tickets: Sk80. Spoločenský dom Nivy (Nivy Culture House), Súťažná 18. Tel: 02/5596-0861.

EXHIBITION: Dušan Knap - The Photographer, known for taking pictures of politicians, displays his photographs that capture the people and their everyday lives in western Siberia.
Open: Tue-Sun 9:00-16:30 until January 4, 2004. Admission: free. Slovenské národné múzeum (Slovak National Museum), Vajanského nábr. 2. Tel: 02/5934-9141.

EXHIBITION: Christmas Bridges Between Cities - Display of paintings by children from cities of central Europe with Christmas and winter themes.
Open: Tue-Fri 10:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 11:00-18:00 until January 6, 2004. Admission: Sk30. Mestské múzeum (City Museum), Primaciálne nám. 3. Tel: 02/5920-5130.-


THE NATIONAL Stable in town of Topoľčianky in the Nitra region will hold its annual Day of Open Doors on Saturday, December 27 inside the riding hall. The traditional event will start with the opening of the Museum of Horse-rearing to visitors at 9:00. The museum, which is the only of its kind in the country, houses more than 3,000 artefacts documenting the history of horse-rearing in Slovakia. Among the relics one can find the horse carriage of the first Czechoslovak president, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, who used to ride it regularly from the train station of Zlaté Moravce to Topoľčianky chateau, once the summer residence of Czechoslovak presidents. Later, visitors can take a look at all the horse breeds that have been raised at the chateau over the last 80 years or so. Children can also ride the horses. The ceremonial opening will take place at 13:00 with an official speech delivered by the stable's director. Afterwards, the main program of the event will run until 16:00. Jockeys from the National Stable will show their skills, as will the horses. The three-hour gala programme will be opened by a square dance, where eight jockeys in uniforms lead the horses to music by Johann Strauss. The festival takes place at Národný žrebčín (The National Stable) on Parková 13, in Topoľčianky. For more information call 037/6301-613.
photo: Emil Kovalčík

LIVE MUSIC: Christmas Runway - Concert of the Slovak rock bands Malevil, Para, Noise Cut, No Gravity, Vetroplach, and Karavana.
Starts: Dec 22 at 17:00. Tickets: Sk99. Kultúrny Dom Ľ. Štúra (Ľ. Štúr Culture House), Sokolská 8, Modra. Tel: 033/6472-112.

CLASSICAL CONCERT: Patkólovci Siblings and Henrieta Záležáková - Violonist and pianist accompany vocalist Záležáková in performing works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Starts: Dec 28 at 16:00. Tickets: Sk30. Kongresová sála mestského úradu (Congressional Hall of the Municipal Office), Námestie Svätej Trojice 7, Šaľa. Tel: 031/7704-051.


CLASSICAL CONCERT: New Year's Concert - The most beautiful opera scenes from The State Opera's repertoire and the most popular orchestra music by composers like Johann Strauss performed by the company's singers and musicians.
Starts: Jan 8, 2004 at 19:00. Tickets: Sk120. Štátna opera (The State Opera), Národná 11, Banská Bystrica. Tel: 048/4124-418.

CLASSICAL CONCERT: Čardáš Princess - An operetta by Emmrich Kálmán captures a romantic story about a cabaret singer becoming the wife of a prince.
Starts: Jan 10 at 18:30. Tickets: Sk120, Sk140, Sk160. Štátna opera (The State Opera), Národná 11, Banská Bystrica. Tel: 048/4124-418.

LIVE MUSIC: Christmas Concert - Male mining choir Štiavničan and dance folk ensemble Sitňan perform.
Starts: Dec 22 at 17:00. Admission: voluntary. Katolícke gymnázium (Catholic Gymnasium), Kammerhofská 1, Banská Štiavnica. Tel: 045/6921-050.

EXHIBITION: Confession - Ladislav Berger from Žilina displays his paintings.
Open: Tue-Fri 9:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-17:00 until February 2, 2004. Admission: Sk20. Považská galéria umenia (Považská Art Gallery), M. R. Štefánika 2, Žilina. Tel: 041/5622-522.


LIVE MUSIC: Christmas Organ Concert - Mária Demeterová plays organ and Štefan Demeter plays violin.

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