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Constitutional Court head says referendum is not obliging

PRESIDENT of the Constitutional Court Jan Mazák said that no referendum can oblige state authorities to act according to its results. In practice, this means that the parliamentary deputies could ignore the results of the referendum on early elections that the trade unions and opposition parties are pursuing, the daily SME reported.

The Leader of the opposition party Smer, Robert Fico, who has been supportive of the push for early elections, said Mazák abused his position and called on him to resign.

However, Mazák defended himself by saying that he was only talking about referendums in general, and only theoretically.

Ivan Saktor, head of Slovakia's trade unionists, considers Mazák's statements to be his own opinion, according to the TASR news wire.

Saktor noted that, so far, nobody has asked the Constitutional Court for its stance concerning the referendum on early elections.

"We take it as his opinion. It is only the President who can ask the Constitutional Court to decide whether our method is right or not," added Saktor.

Slovak unionists will meet President Rudolf Schuster on Tuesday, January 13 and present him with the petition sheets with the signatures of almost 600,000 citizens. Only 350,000 were necessary to call a referendum.

Compiled by Beata Balogová from press reports
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