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Reader feedback: Capitalism vs. terrorism

Re: Slovakia a staunch ally of US in Iraq, By Lukáš Fila, Dec 22 - Jan 11, Vol 9, No 49

As a United States citizen, I greatly appreciate the support of the Slovak government and people regarding efforts to eradicate the threat of terrorism. I have a point to make regarding the argument that money is at the root of "US bootlickers'" cooperation... of course it is! Free markets survive in free societies. The success of capitalism and free market economies lifts the standard of living of all participants when practised with honesty and integrity - vital ingredients to the recipe for economic and social success. Terrorist organizations exist today with the goal of destroying the economies, and therefore the societies, of "Western" civilization, which they perceive as an affront to their religion and a threat to their way of life. I am thankful that the Slovak people appreciate the gravity of this threat, which is directed as much toward them as to the people of the US.

Frank Jenestreet, Charlestown,
Rhode Island, USA

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