Opposition fails to unite; Fico and Mečiar part on bad terms

The meeting on Thursday of opposition parties turned into a fiasco after Smer leader Robert Fico accused Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS) boss Vladimír Mečiar of "collaborating with Mikuláš Dzurinda" and not being willing to help the opposition have the prime minister sacked, the daily SME reported.

Mečiar did indirectly support Dzurinda on January 16 when he said that the prime minister's departure would not solve any problems.

Fico also lashed out at Mečiar for opposing the combination of the presidential elections and the eventual referendum on early elections.

Fico, Mečiar, and leader of the Slovak Communist Party Jozef Ševc are not likely to continue talks over the unification of the opposition.

Ševc said that Mečiar and Fico were quarrelling over who could take the prime ministerial post once Dzurinda falls.

The opposition talks were held to unify reactions of the opposition to Free Forum leader Ivan Šimko's insistence that Dzurinda leave his post.

Compiled by Beata Balogová from press reports
The Slovak Spectator cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information presented in its Flash News postings.

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