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Plane crash fatal for German businessmen

A SMALL German passenger plane crashed on January 13 near Žilina, in northern Slovakia, taking the lives of four people, the daily SME reported.

Žilina Airport officials say the German pilot, 74, whose name was not disclosed, was experienced and knew the airport well. His passengers were employees of the German firm Neusiedler heading to visit the SCP Ružomberok pulp and paper firm.

The plane was supposed to land at the Dolný Hričov airport near Žilina at 13:00, the TASR news wire reported.

Unexpectedly, the pilot decided to make a second circle above the airport, and the control tower lost contact with him. A search was launched immediately and a police helicopter found the plane, a Piper 34.

Another small plane from Germany had successfully landed at the airport two hours before the accident.

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