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Reader feedback: We must reinvent our national culture

Re: Slovaks, where is your home?, Readers feedback, Jan 12 - 18, Vol 10, No 1

The problem is, nobody here has done it before. It is similar to what is called nation building. We think we know how things should be, but do not know how to get there. Of course there are ways, governmentally and individually.

One of the big problems is that Slovakia does not have anything the rest of the world would desperately need. After the collapse of the last regime, Slovakia lost most of its traditional markets and was left alone without foreign trade know-how. Since Slovakia is one of the latest to join the mature capitalist world, it has a problem finding what it can offer the open market.

Selling a cheap workforce to foreign investors is a little like prostitution. They come, make the profit, and after the tax grace period they move to Ukraine or elsewhere. It is high time to introduce motivation programmes for people to start their own businesses and give them a chance to grow. This nation must start producing added values on its own and young people should be educated about values that count.

Vladimír Bohinc,
Nové Mesto nad Váhom

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