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Reader feedback: Dynamic education needed

Re: Slovaks, where is your home?, Reader feedback, Jan 12 - 18, Vol 10, No 1

It is time to radically reform the whole educational system in central Europe, because it is completely outdated.

A system that makes 13-year-old children decide what profession they will practice during the next 40 years or so is based on old principles that don't belong in a modern, dynamic, and free society and economy. Many people regret the choice that they or their parents made and, if they have the financial strength, switch to a different course of education. Otherwise, they have to face the fact of their career path.

To the age of 25, children should learn to think and to analyse. It is not so important what exactly they study, so their education should not be too specific.

I think that they key for Slovakia and other central and eastern European countries to improving their societies and economies (and therefore keeping people from leaving) is to come into greater contact with the more advanced countries.

This means increased foreign investment, increased trade with the EU and the USA, increased use of the internet, cultural and educational exchange programmes, etc.

These tools don't have to cost much money and their effects will be great.

Teplice, Slovakia

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