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Reader feedback: Heads up Mr. Lipšic

Re: No, again, to conflict of interests law, Flash news briefs, Jan 26 - Feb 1, Vol 10, No 3

I consider myself a practical man. Therefore, I found it very easy to understand Mr. Lipšic's arguments against the proposed anti-corruption normative.

Yet experience has taught me that sometimes you can't wait until everything is in place to make things work, especially when addressing problems such as corruption.

Here in Panama we passed a freedom of public information law. Everyone knew that governmental institutions were not prepared for the avalanche of solicitations from citizens and journalists.

The result: Public institutions were forced to develop structures for data handling and distribution. They are not exactly the most efficient, but it's a start... a good start.

Eventually, the government blew the law out of the sky with some restrictive amendments. But the structures remain and can still be used, and it is harder for corruption to pass undetected than it was some time ago.

Jose Emilio Champsaur,
Panama City, Panama

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