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Canadian Rockport Homes to built construction plants in Slovakia

THE CONSTRUCTION company Canadian Rockport Homes International plans to establish four plants in Slovakia, investing $60 million (€47.07 million) in total, the financial daily Hospodárske noviny wrote.

Each plant should create 200 jobs directly and a further 600 indirectly, said Ján Bajanek, director of the Slovak Agency for Investment and Trade Development. The plants will produce prefabricated, inexpensive houses and flats starting from 52 square meters.

The products will be targeted at the middle- and lower-income strata of society. The market price for the smallest three-room flat should be around Sk1 million (€24,712).

Rockport Homes International owns modular concrete construction technology, enabling it to manufacture and erect mass-produced modular housing for the low-income and social housing sectors in developing nations worldwide.

The company's primary target markets are Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, India, and China. Other areas in which the company is interested in purchasing manufacturing plants are Korea, Belize, Costa Rica, Hungary, Philippines, Turkey, Russia, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, El Salvador, Antigua, and the Slovak Republic.

Compiled by Beata Balogová from press reports
The Slovak Spectator cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information presented in its Flash News postings.

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