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Reader feedback: Tolerance takes strength

Re: Kossuth statue unveiled after 60 years, Flash news briefs, Feb 9 - 15, 2004, Vol 10, No 5

It is sad to read that the representative of the Matica Slovenská is so negative and narrow minded. In order for a country to succeed, it must respect all inhabitants of its country regardless of race, religion, etc. To be tolerant and to show good judgement to one's neighbour speaks volumes about that person, government, or organisation. Mr Stanislav Bajaník's statement is more provocative and offensive than the raising of the Kossuth statue in Rožňava/Rozsnyó!

Lajos Kossuth tried to do more for the minorities living under the Hapsburg yoke than anyone else. If you read historical documents correctly, as well as all contemporary reference material, you will see a truer view of the man. Strange that Kossuth can be honoured in nations as great as the United States and England, as well as Bulgaria, Turkey, France, and more, but unveiling a statue causes uproar with the Matica Slovenská. In the United States there are a city and some towns named after him as well as numerous statues honouring him.

As for recognition of the Slovak people as a nation, who really has recognized the Slovak people as a nation? The Austrians under the Hapsburgs would never have. The Czechs even refused until 1993. The Slovak nation is young, and still learning. Yet if it continues to see the world and its neighbours with a negative view, any advancement in the future will be turbulent. The inhabitants of Rožňava showed great class by respecting their neighbour's history. They should be honoured just like the Slovaks who helped fight in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

E Minacs,

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