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Reader feedback: Roma complications

Another Roma poverty protest, Flash news briefs, Feb 9 - 15, Vol 10, No 5

The situation of Roma in Slovakia is a lot like the case of blacks in America. Not all are bad or evil and not all of the whites discriminate against them, but there are groups that would take advantage of the kindness of socialist structures.

It will be interesting to see how the traditionally socialist Europe will react: Will the politicians indeed seek to control their populace through their benefits schemes? These are really reminiscent of communism in the fact that those with power take the money of the middle classes for redistribution to the lower classes.

Whether or not you believe in social benefits for the poor or disadvantaged there is always the opportunity for abuse by those in power to skim the money set aside for that through schemes that benefit their companies.

When you have entire groups of the population that take welfare for granted then it becomes a tool for laziness and a cycle of defeat.

Ryan Wuebbels,
Tokyo, Japan

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