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Parliament fails to adopt EP related legislation

SLOVAK parliament failed to pass a draft amendment to the constitution regulating relations between parliament and cabinet when adopting EU legislation after Slovakia joins the union. The revision also contained provisions pertaining to elections to the European Parliament, the daily SME wrote.

The draft stipulates that a member of the national parliament cannot be a member of European Parliament.

However, the amendment’s failure should not endanger Slovakia’s Euro-elections in June.

Speaker of parliament Pavol Hrušovský is disappointed by the outcome of the vote. On the other hand, Monika Beňová, who leads the parliamentary committee for European integration, said, "nothing will happen" as a result.

The opposition and several independent deputies rejected the revision, a product of the Christian Democratic workroom, after the parliament dropped their proposal to embed in the constitution parliament's right to set up inquiry commissions to investigate issues of public interest.

Compiled by Beata Balogová from press reports
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