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Hospitals can apply for EU money

SLOVAK hospitals and other health care institutions can draw up to €3 million from the EU.

The health care sector can submit projects asking for EU assistance from the European Fund for the Support of Regional Development, the Slovak daily Pravda wrote. For a three-year period that includes 2004, a total of €25.6 million is available.

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Police will check overpriced EU presidency

The presidency will also be scrutinised by state auditors.

The ceremonial launch of the Slovak presidency's logo.

Inspectors to focus on firms with foreign staff

Scrutiny follows media report by Serbian journalist concerning conditions in a Galanta-based plant.

Labour Minister Ján Richter

Bratislava councillors want gambling regulation, not ban

Seventeen councillors do not agree with total prohibition of gambling in the capital, they want to continue in its strict regulation.

SaS denies Russian media reports on its support of Slexit

The opposition party has objected to news in some Russian media stating that it supports the departure of Slovakia from the EU, i.e. Slexit.

Richard Sulík