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Reader feedback: The internet will set you free

Re: EC says Slovakia lags behind in internet skills and capacity, Flash news briefs, Feb 23 - 29, 2004, Vol 10, No 7

In one case, that of corruption, it is known that countries that have no moral code tempt the rest of mankind to ignore them. When people are kidnapped, when goods are confiscated, when some use bribery instead of time-honoured earnings to create money, then all is really lost. Only very brave men will stand up to thugs who find different ways to steal from each other. Unless you want to bet with your life, you must choose to learn a way out of the tyranny of men, slavery, and stupidity. We all face those choices no matter how much English we know, how many hours we spend on the internet, or where we choose to spend tomorrow.

On the other hand, this is a new day for learning. It is so basic: Learn English so you can read what others say on the internet. Then learn about computers so you can use the internet with much of the international correspondence in English. It is a matter of survival, not of priorities. It is a decision to win or lose; who knows - we may need to learn to read, write, and speak Chinese tomorrow.

I am sorry that corruption holds such a high priority for some. You can add that to not having food, water, or a place to live. Education is the only way out of the jail in which old ways keep you prisoner.

And if 99 percent are literate in a world-class language and then have access to the world's store of knowledge, many, if not all, will soon be free. Please learn while you can, if you can. Freedom is everything; the people of central Europe know this so much better than everyone else.

Ed Wohland,
California, USA

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