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HZDS will propose to sack Mikloš

THE MOVEMENT for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS) will propose the recall of Finance Minister Ivan Mikloš by March 9 at the latest, even though it is clear that the opposition will not have enough votes to succeed with the initiative.

The Free Forum (SF), led by Ivan Šimko, declared that it would not discuss the Mikloš removal until after Slovakia's EU entry on May 1, the Slovak daily Pravda wrote.

The People's Union (ĽÚ) and SF also agreed that the attempt to recall Mikloš was part of HZDS chairman Vladimír Mečiar's presidential campaign and that they did not want to be a part of that campaign. Mečiar denied the allegations. HZDS also agreed at a party meeting during the weekend that it would demand that a special session be called in parliament.

The opposition party Smer said it would support the recall of Mikloš and it is believed that the Slovak Communist party would also vote for the recall, but without SF and ĽÚ, the initiative will fall short of the required 76 votes.

Compiled by Martina Pisárová from press reports
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