PM dismisses delaying nuclear shutdown

SLOVAK Prime Minister Mikuláš Dzurinda conceded in parliament on March 5 that it would be "possible in theory" to renegotiate with the European Union on the early shutdown of the Jaslovske Bohunice nuclear power station, news wire TASR wrote.

But he pointed out that this would require that Slovakia give up all compensation gained from the decision and could mean that the country would face financial penalties of tens of millions of euros.

Dzurinda said this while answering Smer opposition party leader Robert Fico during parliament's regular question session.

When negotiating entry into the European Union, Slovakia pledged to decommission the two reactors of Bohunice's V1 block in 2006 and 2008.

In return, it will receive compensation totalling €90 million.

Smer has proposed that Slovakia withdraw this pledge in response to the decision of most existing EU members to introduce a transition period for allowing full employment rights to citizens of the EU acceding countries.

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