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Roma groups protest to Slovak embassy

THE CZECH Chamber of Roma Regional Leaders and the Roma European Centre have protested against the use of the Slovak armed forces and police in dealing wth the Roma during the recent riots in eastern Slovakia, the news wire TASR wrote.

They presented their protest to Slovak Ambassador to the Czech Republic Ladislav Ballek in Prague on March 4.

Both organisations demanded that their standpoints be delivered to Slovak constitutional authorities. They also organised a collection of clothes and food, and asked the Interior Ministry for help with its delivery to Slovak Roma.

"The 'solution' to the humanitarian crisis in Roma settlements of the use of military force is inexcusable and should be condemned. An immediate withdrawal of the armies and the police is the only way to prevent a tragedy," reads one of the standpoints.

Both organisations condemned Roma violence and looting.

However, they stressed the tumult was the result of the insufficient long-term social policy of the Slovak government.

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