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Forum planned to handle industrial policies

THE ECONOMY Ministry and the Association of Industrial Branches plans to establish the Industrial Forum to handle industrial policy.

The Association of Slovak Towns and Communities, the Conference of Rectors, Klub 500, and the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be members, the news wire TASR wrote.

Economy Minister Pavol Rusko said that carmaking will be the driving force of Slovak industry.

It will be necessary to create a suitable background for the sub-suppliers of the three future carmakers in Slovakia (Volkswagen Bratislava, PSA Peugeot Citroen in Trnava, and the Hyundai/Kia plant to be built near Žilina) as soon as possible.

He emphasized that this will require new infrastructure and the choice of a modus operandi for the workforce and its lack of mobility.

According to the Economy Ministry's plans, industrial policy should be the main pillar of Slovakia's national economic strategy until 2013. Its main goal is to maximize long-term sustainable economic growth.

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