Reader feedback: Good show, US Steel

Re: US Steel offers 10 jobs to Roma, News briefs, March 15 - 21, 2004, Vol 10, No 10

Congratulations to US Steel for responsible investing in their own community and their future. They will have a loyal work force and a cheap labour force for some time to come by employing Roma people. Finally, an American company that has a consistent world-wide policy on affirmative action because it is the right thing to do, because it makes them a more attractive investment to socially responsible portfolio investment managers, and because it makes good business sense.

Without the private sector taking steps to offer economic opportunities - jobs - there will be no advancement of the Roma. I am sure these families will be investing in the education of their children to make sure that they have an even better future.

Let's see a French or a Korean company follow US Steel's example as a stabilizing force in this society! Thank you US Steel for taking to first real steps to help bring about economic equality, now we just have ten thousand more steps to go.

Bill Bila,

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