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Apprentices bully fellow students
Putting the D in delinquent
Drunk climbs New Bridge, threatens to jump
Fear thy neighbour
Pupils poisoned in school

Spišská Nová Ves
Apprentices bully fellow students

FOUR apprentice masons in Spišská Nová Ves bullied two fellow students and forced one to drink his own urine.
According to the Slovak daily SME, the case is currently under police investigation.
The bullies demanded cigarettes from one of the victims and threatened to beat him. The second victim was heavily beaten and forced to drink urine. The bullies then undressed him and lay him naked on the ground.
The school's managers only found out about the incident when the bullied man requested to be transferred to another class. The school then immediately informed the police.
"I have been here for 13 years but we haven't had anything like this before. In this case the apprentices went beyond all limits," Ján Polkabla, head of the school, said to SME.
Police spokeswoman Jana Demjanovičová said that the four young men had previously been charged with robbery, blackmail, and limiting personal freedom.

SCHOOLS sound like dangerous places: Teachers are attacked...
photo: TASR

Putting the D in delinquent

A BOY upset about getting a D on his test attacked his teacher at the Park mládeže elementary school in the eastern Slovak town of Košice.
The Slovak daily SME wrote on March 16 that the unhappy pupil started to swear after receiving his mark and the teacher scorned him for the vulgar language.
"The pupil, Jozef D, objected to getting a D, so he started to verbally abuse the teacher," said Ján Danko, the school's principal.
The teacher then told Jozef D to accompany him to the principal's office.
"That's when the fight started. The pupil jumped at the teacher and the two started fighting. The whole class was screaming and both the pupil and the teacher fell on the floor. The teacher had to be treated for his injuries. We immediately called the police," Danko said.
Jozef D was known to be a problematic pupil but the principal said this was the first time that he had physically attacked a teacher.
"Vulgar verbal abuse was often heard from his mouth, however. He once threatened to kill the deputy principal," said Danko.
The teacher who was attacked, Dušan Přibík, is at home recuperating from his injuries. He maintains that, despite the bad experience, he will definitely stick to his profession.

Drunk climbs New Bridge, threatens to jump

FIREFIGHTERS saved a man named Tibor, 34, on March 16 after he threatened to jump off the New Bridge in Bratislava.
Drivers informed police that there was a person climbing up a steel rope leading towards the Bystrica reastaurant on top of the bridge.
"He climbed up about five metres and stopped there. When we approached him he started talking about his problems. He said he lost his flat but he did not say why he wanted to climb to the top. He smelled of alcohol," firefighter Igor Palkovič, the leader of the rescue team, said to the Slovak daily SME.
"At first we had to send the police away because Tibor did not want them around. We managed to keep contact with him and after 15 minutes of talking we convinced him to get on the [rescue] platform," he said.

Fear thy neighbour

THE REGIONAL Court in Trenčín sentenced a man who killed his neighbour to six years in jail. The court explained the relatively low penalty by acknowledging that the victim was a person prone to conflict.
The victim, Mária S, 75, was killed in April of last year after her neighbour hit her in the head with a club at least three times, smashing her skull. The dead body was discovered 10 days later.
The perpetrator, Štefan B, 43, had once been sentenced for attacking Mária S with a bottle of vodka.
The court determined that the investigation showed the victim seemed to seek conflict; she had fights with many of her neighbours. Witnesses who appeared in court confirmed that she verbally abused her neighbour and that she dumped trash on his doorstep. She threw mud and even her own excrement on his door.
"They say that you shouldn't talk badly about the dead but it is hard to say anything good about her," Dana H told the court. She said that many people even moved out of the block of flats because of Mária S.
Another woman said that Mária S once knocked her child to the floor and that the volatile old woman would throw sand on her neighbour's blankets while she was airing them.
In the morning, Mária S would bang on the gutter until she woke up all her neighbours. She kept notes about her conflicts with Štefan B.

... and students are poisoned.
photo: TASR

Šarišské Dravce
Pupils poisoned in school

SEVENTEEN pupils suffered mild gas poisoning on March 19 after carbon monoxide leaked into the school gym from an adjacent room containing a heating boiler.
Of the 17 children, four were taken to the hospital for tests and showed marks of intoxication, but all remained conscious. Two of the four were hospitalised. The two nine-year-old schoolgirls, Dominika Dvorščáková and Katka Kozmová, only suffered "light intoxication and are out of danger", doctor Ján Kovaľ, head of the pediatrics department of the local hospital, said to the Slovak daily Pravda.
"In the beginning one girl fainted and then others started to feel sick too. Back in the classroom two more schoolmates fainted," one of the pupils, Peter Haborák said to the daily.
"We were all scared and some even cried. They were scared that it would explode. Some felt sick and they had head and stomach aches," another pupil, Braňo Goliáš, said.
The school's principal, Vladimír Jánošík, thinks that the heating boiler was defective. "It is the only possible cause. We are not able to say anything more at this time," principal Jánošík said.
Firefighters think that insufficient burning in the school's gas boiler was the cause of the gas leak.

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