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Another person denies being SDKÚ sponsor

Another person registered as a sponsor by the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (SDKÚ) denied giving money to the party, writes the daily SME.

"I have not given them anything," claims Pavol Vrzdák from Prešov, the seventh person to deny giving money to the party, despite being on its official list of donors.

According to official records of the party, Vrzdák, who quit the party in 2002, gave the SDKÚ Sk40,000 (€990) and later an additional Sk50,000 (€1,240).

Media suspect that the SDKÚ has recorded Sk590,000 (€14,600) as gifts from non-existent or false sponsors. PM Mikuláš Dzurinda, the SDKÚ chairman, has denied the press reports.

"What [the records] we have published is true," the prime minister claimed.

The boss of the Hungarian Coalition Party (SMK), Béla Bugár, lashed out at Dzurinda because of the sponsor scandal.

"If we had any other alternative, we would not overlook that Mr. Prime Minister talked about a group that, according to the police, does not exist, and the fact that his party was financed by dead souls and that it has legalised incomes from [unknown sources]," Bugár said.

The SMK boss warned that the PM gets away with these scandals only because there is no alternative party with which to shape the government.

Compiled by Beata Balogová from press reports
The Slovak Spectator cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information presented in its Flash News postings.

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