Prime minister faces libel charges

PM MIKULÁŠ Dzurinda will probably face a Sk10 million (€247,650) libel suit by the former head of the National Security Office (NBÚ), Ján Mojžiš.

Mojžiš was recalled in early October 2003 when the PM suggested that the NBÚ chief was a member of an unspecified group allegedly working against the interests of the state and the PM's ruling Slovak Democratic and Christian Union.

A recently completed investigation concluded, however, that the group did not exist. Despite the outcome of the investigation, the PM said he did not regret his steps in the affair and suggested that Mojžiš had been "misusing his stamp".

According to the Slovak daily Pravda, Dzurinda faces a suit by Mojžiš and businessman Miloš Žiak, also named a member of the group in the PM's deposition, which was leaked to the press.

Recently, Dzurinda said that he would sue two top national dailies, SME and Pravda, for Sk5 million (€123,825) each over opinion pieces published in their commentary pages during the skupinka (group) case that suggested that the PM had illegally accessed Mojžiš' security files.

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