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Amendment targets MEP independence

PAVOL Hrušovský, the Speaker of the Slovak parliament, said he was going to incorporate a clause into the prepared constitutional amendment concerning Slovakia's representatives in the European Parliament that would bind Slovak officials in Brussels to act in line with the decisions of the national parliament.

The Slovak daily Pravda wrote that the initiative was a reaction to the recent case in which Prime Minister Mikuláš Dzurinda suggested during a meeting in Brussels that his country would be willing to give up its right of veto in areas of justice and home affairs, a statement that surprised Slovak ministers.

Hrušovský and his Christian Democratic Movement have consistently campaigned for Slovakia's sovereignty in specific areas after the state's entry to the EU. The recent plan was already included in an earlier amendment to the constitution, but it was rejected.

The Hungarian Coalition Party has backed the latest proposal, and the opposition party Movement for a Democratic Slovakia said it would support it, provided that parliament approves their demands for the creation of special investigation committees.

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