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Reader feedback: A call for a worthy opposition,

Re: The true voice of Slovakia, Letter to the Editor, March 22 - 28 Vol 10, No 11

Sadly, Mečiar emerges again as the great weapon of the [proud new economic] elite. Mečiar is the club with whose head they beat Slovak workers, students, and unemployed into the ground. Should someone dare to oppose the necessary "reforms" or NATO, the elite threatens the return of the crooks, the return of the imbeciles, the return of Mečiar!

In my opinion, the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union is currently the greatest enemy to the Slovak people, and all this talk about Mečiar is a convenient way of making us forget the fact and look at folks like Kukan as saviours instead of thieves.

There are other ways to fight against the theft of your country than by supporting Mečiar. I know, being hated by the international bourgeoisie is quite a political compliment, but it isn't enough. We need an authentic opposition that is answerable to the people.

Joseph Grim Feinberg, Chicago, USA

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