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Reader feedback: Regional inequality not unique

Re: 2003 average wage is Sk14,315, Business in short, March 22 - 28, Vol 10, No 11

Salaries are also different between regions in the more wealthy western European states, like here in Denmark. A teacher in Copenhagen earns more than a teacher outside Copenhagen. That's how it has always been and always will be. The cost for housing is also significantly higher in Copenhagen than in the rest of Denmark, and the same can be said about Bratislava and the rest of Slovakia.

Not that that makes the citizens in eastern Slovakia less poor or more rich, but it will always be like that. Capitals and metropolises will always attract more investments, more infrastructure, and have more service job opportunities than outside those areas.

But the countryside offers other positives a large city can't: better long-term health for the population, a generally cleaner environment, and, if you disregard the economic potential in contrast to the capital, a higher quality of living overall.

That might seem a bit ignorant, but that's how it is and will remain so. What the east of Slovakia needs are more jobs, more and better infrastructure, etc, to create a larger group of people with enough consumption power to increase the overall economic level there.

That doesn't come overnight, especially not when the infrastructure is missing, and that takes a long time to create no matter how much financing you have available.

Jesper Christensen,

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